Meet The Creator:

Jaimie Lindquist

Hi there!

My name is Jaimie Lindquist, creator or Brow Me San Diego! I am a San Diego native and started Brow Me in 2016 as a tool to uplift others and provide women with confidence, ease and peace of mind. I am passionate about making others feel good about themselves, inside and out. Days after I had my eyebrows microbladed in 2016, I was incredibly inspired and knew Microblading was something I was called to pass on. Today, I have completed over 1300 successful procedures including brows, lips and faux freckles.


What is most fulfilling to me is uplifting others with opportunity, which is why I created Brow Me Academy; providing top notch training and development for Microblading and Ombre Brows. Not only do students receive eyebrow training, they receive personal development training, business and marketing tools, and ongoing mentorship for 6 months post course completion. 

Aside from being a confidence booster, I am a yoga & meditation teacher, financial advisor and I coach a leadership training through Landmark Education. In addition, I enjoy spending time with my family, my coyote-like dog Louis, and exploring the world. 


3594 Fifth Ave

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Inside Jean Claude Salon & Spa


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