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Why BB Glow is The Most Desired Beauty Treatment of 2019

First of all- what the heck is BB Glow and is it, like, tattooed foundation?! BB Glow originated in Korea and is a super popular K-Beauty treatment that is making its way to the USA. Why? Because it gives the skin a flawless, even-toned glow that lasts up to 6 months with increased collagen production for up to 2 years. Let's face it. That's pretty impressive.

Using a microneedling pen, BB Glow is a 5-step treatment:

1) After the skin is cleansed and makeup free, the technician applies numbing cream (lidocaine) onto the skin and covers with plastic wrap, allowing the skin to absorb as much of the numbing agent as possible and the client gets to just relax for 20 minutes. The plastic wrap and numbing cream is removed, leaving the face is numb af so the BB Glow treatment is literally painless. #Blessed.

2) An exfoliating gel containing shikimic acid (gently exfoliates and hydrates) and mandelic acid (accelerates cell turnover for anti-aging) is applied to the skin using a soft brush.

3) The gel is removed after 5 minutes and a pH-balancing and neutralizing mousse is massaged into the skin for 3 minutes.

4) The mousse gets cleansed off and it's showtime! The first serum is applied to the skin and the microneedling pen gently penetrates into the shallow layer of the skin to begin the anti-aging glow up process. This serum is chosen based on your skincare needs and includes ingredients like Argireline, widely regarded as the "natural botox". Umm, yes please.

5) The pigment serum is applied and our microneedling pen goes to work, custom to your skin tone for a flawlessly blended finish. The serum includes several peptides and anti-aging ingredients for lasting results. Serum is massaged into the skin for maximum effectiveness. A moisturizing, healing ointment is applied to the skin to aid with irritation and dryness. Lo and behold, flawless, fabulous and fruitful skin is yours to keep.

3 treatments are recommended, 7-14 days apart from eachother. Once the third treatment is complete, the skin is healthy and youthful for up to 6 months.

Pain is close to nothing and there are only 2 technicians in San Diego that offer BB Glow. Brow Me San Diego is one of them. Pricing for each treatment is $150 a la carte, or you can purchase our Pretty Cute Package which includes 3 treatments (minimum required) for $375 (savings of $75) or our Pretty Flawless Package which includes 6 treatments (for maximum benefit and long lasting, glowing results) for $650 (savings of $250). You can book your first treament online at or by calling (619) 821-0438. If you choose to move forward with a package, payment balance can be paid at your appointment and bookings will all be made for your convenience and ease.

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